Throwin' Back Summer Beers With Throwback Brewery

Jul 29, 2016

When summer weather hits, beers lower in ABV become popular because they're the type you can hit up the beach with and enjoy over the course of a day. With more fresh ingredients growing in the summer, more unique beers can sprout up too.


Make Mine a Smutty: Exploring Smuttynose' East Coast Common

May 28, 2016

Being a California guy now out on the East Coast, when I first heard about the newest addition to the Smuttynose Brewing Big Beer series- East Coast Common, I was intrigued to see how this beer dubbed "A little East Coast, A little West Coast, All New Hampshire" would turn out.


Night Shift Brewing turns Four!

Mar 20, 2016

While thinking of Porters to talk about during the hopefully last cold month of the year, It dawned on me that I couldn't pass up to talk about (and enjoy) another one of my favorite beer discoveries in the last six months- Night Shift Brewing's Bean Porter.


Stop! Porter Time

Mar 15, 2016

March is a time when hopes of Spring start to blossom, and we all want to shake off the winter blues. That said, cold and rainy days are still ever present, which lend themselves well to enjoying darker, more rich beers.


Earth Eagle Brewing and the Wonderful World of Gruits

Mar 3, 2016

In honor of International Gruit Day having just passed on February 1st, and with Extreme Beer Fest rolling into Boston this weekend—I wanted to feature one of the funkier microbreweries and beer styles that I've come across while running Pints of Portsmouth Brew Tours.


Strong Belgians—January's Style of the Month

Jan 9, 2016

As the weather gets chillier, January is a perfect time to enjoy the darker and stronger beers in life, and on a night that got down to 10 degrees—I had decided it was time, the optimal time, to uncap this beer I've been saving for a cold night with little to no responsibilities the next day.