Caitlin tully

"This was a really cool experience and a fun day! Allo knows his beer and how to host an event! Breweries were all so friendly and hospitable. I have already purchased a second tour because the owner has many different breweries he takes tours to and I cannot wait to go again!"

meredith dean

"Great Day All Around! The locations are relatively close to each other so there is not too much time in the van/bus. The choices of breweries are fantastic, a real nice sampling of beer styles. Also, Allo is a great host very helpful and knowledgable about beer and the breweries."

brian watson

"Such a great experience. Allo did an excellent job of organizing the tour itinerary. He's also just a really great guy, friendly and knowledgeable, and eager to make sure that everyone is having an enjoyable time. Being able to take a trip across the border and explore the NH beer scene without worrying about transport/planning is fantastic.
I highly recommend booking a spot on one of his tours!"

JOJO Sanoma

"This guy knows his way around the craft beer scene! I am a wine snob but know very little about beers. He truly opened my eyes with his hand on, expert knowledge and love of breweries."

bethann black

"What a fun way to learn about beer! Perfect way to spend the day, and not have to worry about driving after trying different samples of beer. Allo was the perfect person to take us on the tour! He's so friendly and quite funny. We meet a great group of people and had a blast. I recommend it 100%!"


"Awesome, organized and fun tour! I purchased a Groupon for Pints of Portsmouth two months ago for my husband's birthday. We are huge beer snobs and we visit many breweries ourselves so I was worried we would not have a unique or new experience however I was very wrong!"

KATElyn macdougall

"Allo was a great tour guide! He created a great tour schedule. 
This was an awesome way to get out of Boston and try more local brew."

Frequently Asked Questions

How much does a Pints of Portsmouth Brew Tour cost?

A Pints of Portsmouth Brew Tour runs $95.00 per person. This includes round trip transportation from Boston, a Behind the Scenes Brewery Tour, samples at all stops, and lunch.

Do you offer a discounted rate if I don’t drink?

If you or someone in your party that wants to come along but not drink, we can offer a special rate of $75 for that person to still come and enjoy the day.

If I try a beer I really love, will I be able to take some home?

Yes! All of these stops have growlers or some sort of beer for sale either at the bar or in a retail shop. There will be a cooler on board to keep them chilled during the ride.

This sounds like a long day, is food provided?

Yes! At one of the stops we will be providing you with lunch to go with your beer. There will also be snacks on the bus.

This sounds like a great trip for my friend’s birthday, can we rent out the bus? Can we go to other stops we may have heard of?

You sure can! Feel free to call or email to set up a custom group outing at a special rate. Let us know what you’d like from your Pints of Portsmouth experience and we’ll make it happen.

Are we allowed to drink on the bus?!

As of right now, no, we don’t work with a bus company that allows alcohol consumption on board. But stay tuned for updates from us about making that possible on tours in 2017!

Is the tour deposit refundable? What if something comes up?

We’re aware that life happens and you may not be able to spend a day touring with us at the last minute. If you cancel within 24 hours we’ll refund your deposit no questions asked! However if it’s the night before or morning of, we’ll credit that $30 towards you joining us on a future tour.